Friday, November 03, 2006

Life in the Fast Lane!

I love blogs. A few lately have interested me enough to check them out every day. Sometimes, I read awhile and sometimes I move on. My life seems to go about 90 mph and most days I love it. Lately, it seems that I need reminding to slow down. I got a nasty, ugly reminder last week in the form of shingles. Yes, shingles, the adult version of the chicken pox. I don't remember the chicken pox being as bad as shingles are, but hey I'm a big baby and my tolerance for pain is on the negative level. So, big surprise that I was a big baby for a few days. However, my family is not known for their overwhelming sympathy, so I was forced to complain to other people. If I shared my pain with you, thank you for not slapping me.

October was quite the month. My favorite thing was the girls' retreat that I have the opportunity to plan and put on every year at my church. It pushes my creativity to the limits and stresses me out beyond imagination and I love every single minute of it. Especially when it all comes together for one crazy event. My favorite part was on Saturday when the Moms of these girls came and spent the afternoon. It was so cool and so much fun! I was surprised at their response. It was a blessing for me to just see them playing games, worshipping, and interacting with their daughters. I loved my idea for it, and ended up praying the whole time that it would not be flop. God went above and beyond my wildest expectations. :)

The end of October and the beginning of November is a most special time for me because it means birthday celebrations for my niece and nephew. :) They are a joy and delight to my heart.

Well, I am abruptly going to end this. Next week is Thanksgiving and I have 1 million and 1 things to be thankful for. I will write about them next week. Life is pretty crazy in the fast lane and just for the record, I think that I am enjoying the ride.