Friday, May 15, 2015

New Morning Mercies for May 15

Love these words by Paul David Tripp this morning...

"One of the reasons God has called us to gather together regularly is because we are so forgetful. We forget who God is and endeavor to live based on our own merit and strength. We forget who we are and the empirical evidence that we lay down every day of our desperate need for redeeming grace. We forget how broken is the world in which we live, so we live with unrealistic expectations and naivete toward temptation. We forget how magnificent our resources are in Christ, how complete His provision is, and how precious it is that He is always near. We forget how wise, encouraging, protective and freeing God's Word is. We forget our need for the body of Christ; that our spiritual life is meant to be a group project. We forget that we have not only been blessed to be recipients of God's grace, but have been called to be tools of that grace in the lives of others. We forget that there really is an enemy who prowls around to devour us spiritually. We forget that life can never be found in physical creation. We forget that we have been created to live for a glory that is bigger than our own and for a kingdom that is greater than what we would construct on our own. Yes, we need to gather again and again, and through worship, preaching, and mutual fellowship, to remember what we would otherwise forget."
-Paul David Tripp, New Morning Mercies - May 15