Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cause a lot of life is just funny....

Beginning July 27, I enjoyed the Summer Olympics most evenings... Adam was excited about it for about 2 hours and then kinda got over it. It became quite the joke at our place, and I thought how funny it would be to record the things that Adam did while the Olympics were on.

Played Angry Birds on his computer. 
Gave me crazy looks.

Ate pizza.

Describing his lack of love for the Olympics over text messaging.

Sleeping... This may have happened a couple times. 

He also read a lot, did the dishes (woohoo), and a ton of other things that were non-Olympic related.  While I enjoyed the two and a half weeks of the Olympic games, I am happy they are over, but probably not as happy as Adam.

Since the end of the Olympics, the new tenants in the apartment above ours have started training for Rio 2016. I'm pretty sure they are into Rhythmic Gymnastics. I don't understand why.

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