Sunday, January 13, 2013

Schedule Idol

The Lord has been dealing with me in a particularly strong way about the "idols" in my life. I decided the other day if they were actual "idols" I would feel the need to hide them in the deepest and darkest part of my closest, because they are so hideously ugly. How ugly is pride and selfishness and.... I could go on and on. For me personally for the last year or so, God has been slowly tearing down the idol of my schedule in my life. Sounds crazy that a schedule would be an idol, but it is the truth.

I love things to fit in a certain time frame and things to just go smoothly (aka my way) the entire day. What would happen when there were interruptions or disruptions in my schedule? My first response would normally be anger. Impatience is pretty high on the list as well. The sad thing is that this flows over into how I interact with people, like if I think we had talked long enough, I would just kinda stop listening or make an excuse to leave the conversation. You know what is almost as ugly as the idol? When Godly people bring to light your sin, it is messy and hard to deal, but in order to be like Christ, I must deal. Thankfully, I am not on my own when having to deal with sin.

My eyes jumped out at this verse the other day and I'm sure it is one I had read many times, but it was brought to light at the right time for me! "For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death." (Romans 8:2 ESV) The Spirit of Christ in me is greater than the sin and idols in my life, no matter how ugly they seem to me. The Spirit gives what is needed. Truly, I hate battling with this idol in my life, but I am thankful that I am not on my own. In my own strength, I know I will fail and the anger and impatience would overide.

This week I was challenged by this article...Life's Interruptions. Especially theses words,
"Interruptions are not obstacles to our plan; they are opportunities for us to embrace God’s plan.

So, the next time real life comes crashing into your idea that you are “in control,” look for the opportunity to show Christ’s compassion. Instead of being frustrated at the presence of other people, look for the opportunity to reflect the compassion of the Savior."

Father, forgive me when I try so hard to be in control that I miss your plan. May you continue to tear down my schedule idol and help me to share the compassion of the Savior with those you put in my life. 

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