Monday, July 17, 2006

Impressed Much!

It has been awhile. I spent a week at camp and then life was just a little crazy on the return. I completed an incredible class on Christian Leadership. I learned so much. I hope it sticks around in my head a little longer to actually put into practice in my everyday life.

Camp was the most incredible thing for me and the point of this blog. Lately, not many things have impressed me. I haven't been impressed by any guy in awhile (sad, but true). I think I have even failed to impress myself... the whole do whatever it takes to get by mentality or something. (I personally hate it!) So, this was my attitude until camp.

I heard a quote by the speaker, JR Vasser, that was something like this, "Jesus has become something common to us that He ceases to impress us." This clicked with me completely. I have always done the church thing and participated in everything, and somewhere along the way Jesus has become common to me. How can Someone who came to earth as man, yet was still God become common??? The text for the week was from Philippians 2:5-11. Check it out, it has always been one of my favorites, but this week I saw it in a completely different light! The wonderful work of the cross, the involvement in my everyday life, the glorious grace that is mine, the mediator of my prayers... HOW DOES THIS NOT IMPRESS ME? I hate rude awakenings, reality checks, and conviction. I got it all.

The God of the universe does not have to, but He chooses to love me. That thought greatly impresses me!!!

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