Saturday, June 24, 2006

What a Week!

I know that I have probably shared this with most people before, but my life is some crazy rollercoaster that is sometimes up and sometimes down. Especially today, I am so thankful that God is constant. It is encouraging that His strength is made perfect in my weakness. Obviously running my mouth is a weakness, not sure how He is using that, but I'm sure God sees the bigger picture.

My favorite passage of Scripture this week has been the story of Onesimus and Philemon in the small book of Philemon that is hidden between Titus and Hebrews. Paul is obviously appealing to Philemon on Onesimus' behalf. The story doesn't really say what Onesimus did besides run away, but I'm sure he probably did something to screw up. I can so easily relate to Onesimus, and often I need someone to appeal on my behalf. I think about Jesus and how He serves as my advocate to the Heavenly Father and when I mess up and need forgiveness. Obviously this has been my life more this week than normal. What a blessing that God forgives and forgets!!

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