Thursday, August 18, 2011

16 for 31. Apple.

"It is not idolatry, but righteous love for the iPhone." -Josh Harris

This post has no spiritual implications at all, just a post to express my joy and delight for this sign.

I love the people/friends in my life, but want to beat them up when they tell me how much better a Droid is. They may be right, but what is a droid and who wants one when you can have an iPhone? An iPhone very clearly tells you exactly what it is... a phone that belongs to me.

First, I was sold on Apple products with an iPod, but everyone has one of those. My older brother should take the blame for my love for things made by Apple. He talked me into buying a Macbook about 4 years ago. I still use the Macbook daily. I like the simplicity of it. I like iPhoto and iTunes... sometimes I use the fancier stuff like iMovie. It just works and it works well for me.

My iPhone was given to me and is one of the most fantastic and useful gifts I have ever received. It is kinda old, but still works great, so I'm keeping it. I'm sure any smartphone would do a great job and meet the needs of the things I use my iPhone for, but why have a plain, ole smartphone when you can have an iPhone.

I also have superficial reasons for my love for Apple Products... They are just better looking. Simple as that. I'm a girl I like pretty things, a Macbook is a pretty thing.

Lastly, I leave you with this fantastic/sarcastic blog post written awhile back about using Apple products and being a better Christian. Please do not be offended by this as it is meant to be funny and not offensive. 

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