Tuesday, August 23, 2011

22 for 31. Brothers (Part 2)

Brothers - The Youngest.

Since 1984, I have had Middle Child Syndrome. (Haha, not really.) 26 almost 27 years ago, our family welcomed James David into the world, I prefer to call him Jimbo. I have a lot more memories of him because we were closer in age and he didn't move away when I was a preteen. (No offense, Darryl.) ;) At a young age, like 2 months, I remember Jimbo liked to pinch people. I'm sure that he was never aggravated by his older sister, he was just a pincher. He was the cutest kid of the bunch with a really round head and big ears. Mom liked to call him Charlie Brown. She also liked for him to wear bowties. I failed in finding a bowtie picture, but I'm sure Jim had one suit for like the first two or three years of life. It was pinstripe blue with a vest and a bowtie.

Christmas some year - We are from Arkansas; kids played with tractors.

Jim established himself early on as the funny one in the family. As the baby, he had Mom wrapped around his finger and he knew it. Darryl and I have stories of how much better the baby was treated, but no worries, we are not bitter. :) Jim did not get into as much trouble as he should have... I think by the time Mom and Dad got him, they were tired from disciplining their daughter, so Jim got away with stuff.

As teenagers, Mom said that we needed some family time. For this special bonding time, we would watch the Sound of Music. This began our tradition of Sound of Music singalongs. We mostly dislike the movie now. Jim and I can also quote Green Eggs and Ham back and forth to one another. Important things you get to experience with your brother.

I only remember one major fight with this little brother. It wasn't pretty and I apologized quickly. There are probably like a million and one stories I have about Jimbo. He's not afraid to tell the story of Thanksgiving of 1999 to anyone we meet. He has a list of nicknames for me and has called me everything from fatty to the most common "Snow" - because I have super white skin.

The last time Jimbo was shorter than me - 1996.

When Mom got sick, he became a pretty faithful buddy. On the day we buried Mom, he understood that we should go back to the cemetery one more time, just for us. We've been through some tough things together and have had a whole lot of fun times. He is one of my closest friends and we always have a blast just hanging out. I'm not sure what God had planned for my family when He gave us Jim, but I am so thankful for my sweet little brother! A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. -Proverbs 17:17

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