Tuesday, August 02, 2011

2 for 31 - Roommates

Continuing with my theme of 30 reflections (actually 31) for my 30th Birthday this month, I'd like to share about: 


I have had roommates 3 times (if you count my 1 semester at Bob Jones University). FYI, that semester at BJU was a terrible time of my life and the Lord paired me with three girls total opposite of me. I don't remember too much about our roommate situation, so I'm just going to put that in the past and move forward.

Roomies - 2005, I think.
#1 Roomies came in the summer of 2004. April and Teri came to me one Sunday morning at church and asked if I wanted to be their roommate. I told them I would pray about it. Monday we went looking at apartments. Monday afternoon, we signed a lease. These girls were serious about moving out. Prior to our move-in, we had lunch at Moe's, since they were like BFF's and just knew me from church. The three of us do not remember much about that lunch, except for the fact that we found out we all liked the same type of bread - wheat bread. Those were two of the most fun, surprising, and enjoyable years of life. We learned a lot about ourselves, each other, and how we are pretty klutzy when we run at 5am. They were so edifying to me spiritually and I am truly thankful for that! We had random jobs, changed jobs, started school, finished school, and April fell in love with David - All in 2 memorable years. We left the not-so-wonderful Poplar Place when Teri moved to Mexico for 2 years as a teacher. April and I stayed together 1 more year until her and David got married. Two great roomies, that I am happy to have shared life together with them.

#2 Roomies came in the May 2009. Darlene was living in a house and need some roommates. Teri was back from Mexico and did not want to live with her family (although they are very nice people), so we all lived in a house together. This time was a bit different because we all had full-time jobs, friends and family of our own. Mornings were the most fun times at the house as each of us were rushing around trying to do stuff, but still wanted to socialize. One of the interesting highlights of our time together was reading through the chronological Bible, it was something none of us had ever done before. For awhile we tried to read to one another outloud... that may not have been our best idea. :) Teri and Darlene were a lot of fun and I am grateful for 2 years to be their roommate. Teri bought a house and Darlene left for an adventure on the other side of the world, so we split.

Honduras Mission Trip 2010

So, why do I share about my roommates? They have been a precious part of my life. I'm thankful that God allows us to be molded and shaped by the people we share life with. My roomies could be classified as my Philippians 1:7 friends, "I hold them in my heart." Grateful for their friendship and the ways they pointed me to Jesus.

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